EMMA FRANCE is based in Berlin, Germany


Emma France Raff is a textile designer and artist based in Berlin. She was born in 1982 in South France, daughter of a german multicultural artist couple.

She grew up in Berlin and South Portugal and has lived in Porto and Paris before returning to the german capital in 2009.
After completing an art and mathematics focused high school she graduated in textile design at the Modatex School of Textile and Fashion in Porto.

Now she works with established european textile and trend companies, like Nelly Rodi and Adalberto Estampados and runs several projects of her own such as Raubdruckerin, creating Hats and Accessories or designing costumes for performances.

Her work is devoted to the use of handmade techniques, the combination of apparently opposing materials (from precious to waste) and the interaction of visual art with textile and fashion design. With an emphasis on ecological issues in terms of production, recycling and the life cycle of materials, she takes a critical approach against mass production.

The essential theme of beauty forms the common element, which is running through her entire work.

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Recomendation - Nelly Rodi - Catherine Basquin


Textile design: in the trend and always creative and exclusive
     - exclusive print and pattern creation and development
     - development of color and harmony ranges for your project
     - exclusive weaving ideas and development
     - exclusive knitting ideas and development
     - exclusive embroidery ideas and development

Booking of a Raubdruckerin event:briefing, printing of a prominent relief of your location or a brought relief on shirts, bags and posters during an opening, a vernissage, a party, etc.

Costume design: personal consulting, styling advise, shopping, creation and development of special costumes for shows, performances, concerts, theater

Accessory design: personal consulting, creation and development of your unique hat/hair accessory/jewelry...

Press Review

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